Types Of Profitable Forex Trading Strategies In 2019


The best forex trading strategy is the strategy that best fits your personality, experience, and circumstance. Forex trading has attracted global attention among investors who are interested in it.   Then the use of perfect trading strategy has remained to be insuperable for the most trader for a long period.

2019 has proved to be an incredibly profitable year in forex trading. The market has shown incredible potential and with the help of powerful trading strategy.  The results are going to get even better and consistent.

Interested in knowing some of the best forex trading strategies?

Yes!  Then stick around.

Here, is a guide of some of the best trading strategies that will increase your potential of becoming successful.

Trend Trading

Just like the name suggests. Trend trading helps you look for uptrend or downtrend and make a move accordingly.  There are a number of different techniques, time frames, and calculations that can be used to determine the general direction of the market. Traders who use this technique do not aim to forecast specific price levels. They simply jump on the trend and ride it.

Position Trading

Who is a position trader?   This is an individual who holds an investment for an extended period of time anticipating that it will appreciate in value. This can be done for weeks and months. So, what is position trading? It taking a position in an asset and expecting to participate in a major trend.

The main appeal of this approach is that it doesn’t require much time. Once the personal trader has done the initial research.  And also, decided how they want to trade the asset they have selected. They just need to enter a trade and from there, there’s little left to do.

With this forex trading strategy, traders can wait patiently for a massive price movement to capitalize on. The strategy requires traders to employ patience and resilience.

Range Trading

Range traders rely more on the fact that some prices values held within a particular range of a certain period. The market is either trading up or down. Also, we can say its movement is range bound.   With the use of tools like RSI and other indicators, traders can buy and sell high and low within the ranges.

Momentum Trading

Momentum traders utilize the advantages of short time-price action in a stock. The momentum of a trade is usually defined by how much longer it will continue in a direction. So, momentum trading is a technique in which all traders buy and sell according to the strength of the recent price trends.

Momentum traders bet that an asset that is moving, strongly in a given direction.  Thus, the asset will continue to move in the direction until losses strength or until it has a profitable movement.

Breakout Trading

How does breakout happen? It happens when the value of an asset carries, break through the support levels.  It is speculated that said asset can move even further on the upward rally.

Furthermore, Breakout trading is a strategy implemented by traders. Aiming to capitalize upon an upcoming trend or directional move in price. Although there are a lot of approaches that encourage trade execution, breakout trading promotes market entry through anticipating a forthcoming move.