Get Rid of Blackheads Using a Blackhead Extractor Tool

Today, more and more people around the world care more about how their faces look. More and more men are going to salons Cosmetics, more and more women learn how they can achieve the perfect facial appearance.
One of the most common problems in men and women, especially with oily skin. ARE BLACKHEADS and WHITEHEADS!
Most people who suffer from this problem do not really understand what are the ways of treatment. So they use the fingers and nails to put pressure on the skin and removing the oils and infection. This is one of the most common mistakes and the most difficult that can be done.
Why? When using fingers or fingernails we can injure ourselves and reach the opposite result – the creation of skin scars. When we do it we put a lot of bacteria and contamination of our pores.
Think of it this way, when we dig a hole in the sand, in a few days the hole will be filled again because of the winds and weather. Same with our face.
One of the stages to obtain a solution problem and perhaps the most important step is, of course, to get the dirt out, but there are additional steps in the process (We’ll get to that later).
Is there a more hygiene and safe solution to remove the dirt and pollution from the pores without polluting the area or injure ourselves?
Yes, there is! this tool called “Blackhead Extractor“.

What’s so special about this tool? Very simple. It does the job in a hygienically, healthy way. without injuring the skin and without introducing impurities inside pores. Instead of using your fingers and put dirt into the pores. it’s particularly good for nose blackheads – the metal loop can be pressed into the side of the nose where no finger can get to.
How to use?
1. Cleanse your face with warm water, and hold a warm face cloth to the area for a few seconds to open up the pores. Steam your face if possible over a bowl of hot water, or do so after a shower.
2. Clean your face with face wash, if you have an exfoliating face wash it’s even better because and helping to open the pores.
3. Place the loop end over the blackhead you want to extract.
4. Gently press down on one side of the blackhead – and move the tool across the top. DONT press hard! it can cause skin damage and break the ring!
5. after you have done, clean your face again with water and face wash.

Blackhead remover effortlessly removes even deep blackheads and delivers the right finish. It can be an economical item which is quick to carry while traveling.
Blackhead Remover Extractor Tool clears your pores and gives you a smooth skin!  Who does not like to see the dirt getting out of the pores?


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