5 Amazing Social Media Trends To Adopt in 2019

Just like most digital marketing channels. Social media is always in a state of changing flux.  Why? Because it’s highly influenced by changing people behaviors and technologies. Also, by different capabilities of social media platforms.

Every year, we take a look at the of the previous year and try to make informed predictions for the year to come.  This year is so rich with a more unique brand positioning campaign. As a result, marketers should learn to target and understand their audience. Also, they should be able to create engaging content. That will capture the attention of their audience.

So, what will be the best and important social media trend for your businesses and brands this year?

Have a look at these important 2019 social media trends. That matter most to businesses, brands, and marketers.

Hyper-targeted Personalization

Target advertising is tailored to meet specific customers wants and need. Most social media platforms provide some level of audience filtering. It’s not free obviously, you have to opt for pay advertising.  The options provided range from simple geographic targeting to advance filters. That separates your audience into highly specific brands.

Have you seen an ad of something you had previously purchased pop-up on your social media site? Yes! That’s hyper-targeted personalization doing its thing.

Brands are turning to hyper-targeted personalization to reach their audiences. Hyper-targeted personalization can be achieved through retargeting and remarketing ads. Where marketers use cookies when you are online to collect data on you. The data can be online habits, home locations and anything else that proves important to them.

However, they need to find a perfect balance between being too pushy and being able to really offer genuine personalized advertisement. That will interest the customer.

Disappearing Content

Disappearing content concept was first offered by Snapchat.  It is where content. Such as posted pictures and videos are only available for viewing for only 24hours. It was later adopted by Instagram in 2016. As a styled feature knows as stories.

The essence of these disappearing content is to triggers a sense of urgency and importance. Also, viewers feel special to be able to witness the content. Marketers, businesses, and brands can use this awesome method to promote certain events. Such as product launches, teasers and day to day anecdotes.

Social Listening

Social listening has been around for some time. So, why are we talking about it? Although, it might have been around. It is not the social media we know, it’s different and changing.

Firstly, social media tools have become more evolved with new sources of data. And also new features are being added constantly. Secondly, the tools are affordable. Not only for huge firms but for mid-sized, small business and startups as well.

These new features affect social listening strategies. By allowing it to go beyond basic brand monitoring.  Now you can use social listening for social selling, SEO and also for customer care.

Influencer Marketing

This is the generation where anyone can become famous and successful on social media. However, it is only possible if they know the right key methods of promoting themselves. Influencer marketing is becoming more important for brands to participate in this year.

Why? Because people are putting their trust more on human interactions and recommendations. Rather than traditional methods of promotion.

The right influencer ambassador for your brand will help your business grow. But this is only possible if the selection is strategic. With utmost precision and transparency.

Sprout of New Social Media Networks

For a while, now Facebook has been the forefront runner when it comes to social media charts. But, 2018 wasn’t a good year for them. Facebook was posted as the largest one-day loss in the market by the US stock market.

Some of the users are not using the Facebook app anymore. While some have completely quit Facebook altogether. This leaves marketer wondering what’s next for social media. I know! Instagram, Snapchat and even Tiktok are there. But, will they be able to meet the needs of the marketers.

This is the perfect time for new network markets to build. Putting in mind customer and transparency in the usage of data. Keep an eye for the next big channels. One of them might just prove to be useful for your brand and business.