5 Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Marketing is an ever-changing landscape. Hence, it’s very difficult to foresee which marketing technique will effectively link customers.

It is funny! Every time when marketers think they have finally understood their customers, a new technology pops up or the audience behavior changes altering everything.

No! I don’t mean that you should completely abandon or change the strategy that worked for you in 2018. It is always wise to learn from past experience.  Also, you need to be flexible enough to recognize and adapt to the newest trends that are crucial to your business success.

You should also realize that as you still sit down and stick to your old strategies. Other marketers are quickly jumping on board on what’s trending.

In this article, you will find some of the top market trends in 2019. It would be wise to keep your eye on these trends.

1.    Chatbots

Yes! I know! Chatbots aren’t that new to the market by any stretch. However, of the years we have seen a shift in the way they are being used in marketing.

Have you noticed that nearly every website has chatbots these days?

Off late these little AI helpers have been integrated into websites. As a result, they answer customers questions and fulfill their request quickly. About 80% of companies are already using chatbots or are planning to integrate them to their websites by 2020.

Why should you consider using this technology?

Well, because the implementation of live chat provides better customer services. Many customers find it easier to communicate with chatbots directly rather than sending emails or calling representatives.

So, you should expect to see an increased use of chatbots this 2019.

2.    Growth of AL continues

Artificial Intelligence makes data analysis more efficient, can perform those tasks we struggle with and finally they can target potential leads more effectively and rapidly.

Additionally, AI monitors consumer online partners and helps you to understand their behavior in real time. Yes! They are legitimate concerns if this is ethical or not. But, that’s just human nature. Anyway, if you don’t take advantage of this, am pretty sure your competitors will.

We can all agree that this technology has been around for years.  Although it is really fascinating the way this technology improves and evolve every year.

AI is the fastest growing marketing technology. Thus, it important for you to learn the necessary marketing skill needed to survive in this age of AI. You should make sure your company adapts AI and machine language. Because these are the things you need to have an edge over your competitors.

3.    Mobile Money Transfer and Payments

Have you heard of Mpesa?

Most probably not? Mpesa is a money transfer service offered by Safaricom in Kenya, Africa.  You see, this service has evolved so much. Nearly every transaction in Kenya is carried through Mpesa.  From paying medical bills to education to shopping and even gaming. Mpesa has made life easier for its users.

What do I mean? In simple terms Integration of mobile payment systems in your business this 2019. Might be one of the best decisions you will ever make.  Your company should be able to accept and adopt the changes brought by this technology.

Trust me, customers love this technology. So, if you don’t have their preferred payment system. They might just leave your business and go to your competitors. That not good!  isn’t it?

4.    People are becoming more cautious about security

Security is always an important part of your business. It indirectly and directly influences your business and your customers.

Customers deserve the utmost respects, especially when it comes to their privacy, data and financial details. Not every company promises this though. That’s why when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in Europe this year. Consumer started to pay more attention to how businesses handle their information.

Always be ready to talk and share information about your company security systems and services. Make them understand what makes you better than your competitors. You should know that customers will always favor companies and business that can promise them the safest business experience possible.

5.    Voice Search

Voice recognition software’s such as Amazon Echo and Google Home have been there for a while. Well, it’s not a new concept, but most people have only experienced its imprecision.

Technology is always changing, meaning it will always evolve. According to research, Google Home has 95% world level accuracy. Don’t ask about 5%!

As of January 2018, voice searches were conducted about 1 billion times a month. With the advancements in smartphone technologies and voice recognition software. This number is most probably going to be higher in 2019.

So, what trends are you going to adopt this 2019?