Credit Card Visa ING – How To Log in

The way we spend is a crucial aspect of money management. That’s why a credit card is a valuable tool. Credit card Visa ING is a credit card issued by ING bank in Australia. ING is known for offering two products in the Australian market – Home loans and savings account offers. Spending doesn’t always come cheap, but credit card Visa ING rewards you for all your expenses. ING credit card improves flexibility during an online transaction and helps in bill payment

The credit card visa ING is open to only existing ING customers who meet all Application Requirements. All credit cards aren’t the same. The credit card is in two variants: the ING orange one and orange one platinum credit card.

Both cards come with Unique Features. Users with the orange one enjoy low purchase and cash advance rate of 11.99% p.a with no annual fee charged for the life of the card. The premium card is only open to customers with a credit score of $ 6,000. Holders of platinum card enjoy all benefits that come with orange one in addition to complimentary travel insurance and cash back offer of 1% on monthly expenses of $30.

Customers can apply for either the ING orange one or the platinum credit card online provided you meet all Eligibility Requirements.

Application Requirements

  • To Apply, users must be 18 years and above
  • Be a citizen of New Zealand or Australia, but citizens from other countries who are permanent residents in Australia can also apply. Restrictions may be placed on usage Abroad especially for purchase and withdrawal in Non-Visa ATM point.
  • Have a good credit score that meets the bank’s Credit lending criteria
  • To apply for orange platinum one, Applicants hold an active orange every day or ask for one at the point of Application
  • Have PAYG Payslips
  • Earn a minimum of $36,000 per annum

All these factors are more reasons why Application is limited to only Australian and New Zealand residents.If your application process is approved, your card will be made available within 5-7 Business days which enable you to enjoy all the juicy offers that come with it.


  • Visit the bank’s official website and provide your client number in the corresponding field
  • You will be navigated to your client area where you will be able to change your card pin and make necessary changes to secure your account. Cardholders are given total control over card security. In cases of theft or loss users can call for card blocking to prevent any risk it fraud?


Few Can compete with the offers made available to users of Credit Card ING. Users are open to benefits which include insurance on travel cancellation and card fraud insurance. Also, holders are open to two forms of free coverage on purchases. Cardholders enjoy advance payment rate of up to 18.9% without incurring an additional annual fee. Besides, holders are open to two forms of free insurance on purchases.