Whether you’re a freelancer, hardcore gamer or someone in the digital marketing space, you’re bound to switch a sitting desk for a DIY standing desk at some point. The reason is simple! No one fancies sitting at a point for long hours.

However, there’s a possibility you will never find exactly what you want shopping online and the price tag may be something that scares you off. There are simple standing desks that go for as simple as $40. However, you can be ending up with a cut and glue rather than a professional desk.

Some of the best options we’ve ever come across include a foldable standing desk, a wooden pallet desk and the workstation desk which are ideal for beginners.

If you’ve struggled with the idea of making a desk or haven’t really been successful after several attempts, you’re in luck today. In this article, we will be revealing some DIY standing desk plan from top Diy’ers and professional builders around the internet.

  • Double Decker standing Desk

For $40 you can certainly get a simple standing desk from any furniture store but you’re unlikely to get something exact. Instead of throwing that extra dollars away, you can certainly put it into use by constructing your own. IKEA designs prices are moderate but there are few that are still expensive. With a few hacks from IKEA-inspired DIY’ers, we found enough details on how to build a double top standing desk for less than $40.

  • The Stand-up Desk plan

The one is easier but will cost more than a double-decker desk. Unlike the double-decker, the Stand-up Desk provides more workspace which makes it ideal for freelancers. You will be spending a little over $70 if you purchase this but won’t be spending up to $50 if you do so on your own.

It looks simple and cheap but awesome at the same time. For this project, you will be needing the following

  1. Heavy-duty shelf bracelets: these go for $10 at local furniture stores. A set of two bracelets is needed to hold the table top securely and supports as much as 1000 pounds if properly supported.

Tools Required

Drills: for creating holes for the screws. You can alternatively use screwdrivers if you don’t have drills.

Measuring Tape

To get the right height and measure the distance in between the studs.

Building Your Stand-up Desk

Tips to finding your stud

Depending on the cement material used for your wall, there are chances that finding the stud may be hard. Fortunately, if your house is made of typical cement drywall, a stud finder will work but if otherwise, you will have to do so yourself. Most often, studs are typically placed 16″ apart at the center. Meaning the distance from one stud to another is at that distance.

Getting your Table height

After finding the stud, the next step is to hang your bracelet but first, you have to try and figure out on how they should be. This means you have to the site the height of your desktop. Generally, the desk should be placed just right below your elbow From a standing position. When taking the measurement, make sure you neither strain nor slouch your back.

For comfort, don’t aim too high, rather ensure your monitor is just below your eye line.

  • Adjustable Make-shift Workstation Desk

The third type is the adjustable Workstation. This one is more of a makeshift. Base on your preference, you can get a plastic or wooden desk for your makeshift. Secondly, you need an elevator and piling up your books to a certain height will do the trick. There’s no gum or cutting involved and you will be spending just $25 or even less depending on your choice of a desk.