Ways of Keeping Your Garden Green and Healthy When You Are On Vacation

You have worked so hard on your garden all year round and now you are seeing the fruit of your labour. The green thumb is turning brown, the tomato and cusp are finally ripening and the beetroots are ready for harvest.

But all of a sudden you have to go for a business trip, or you need to visit a friend, or maybe it’s just time for your many vacations.  A vacation somewhere far from the hosepipe and harvest in your garden.

Yes! It’s painful having to leave your garden all uncared for. Who’s going to harvest the crops? Who’s going to water your garden while you’re away?

What is even worse, is to come back and find a garden of parched, diseased and withered crops. Truly! It’s definitely a vacation buzz-kill.

To, keep your garden healthy and blooming in your absence, a little intervention is called for. So, here are some suggestions on how to keep your plants healthy and happy when you are on vacation.

Group Pots Together

Crops in pots are vulnerable and can easily die if not provided with an adequate supply of water. That’s why grouping the pots together might actually be a brilliant idea. How? Grouping them close together creates a damper micro-climate for them. It helps in the reduction of evaporation rate from the soil.

It is advisable to keep the pots in a shaded area for the most of the day. This way they can still receive rain. Additionally, you can cover the soil in the pot with permeable mulch. Increasing its ability to store water.

However, before leaving, you should ensure the pots are dump enough.  You can achieve this by using watering devices. Fill a glass wine bottle or a plastic bottle with water up to the brim. Plunge the neck into the pot, screwing well into the soil. So that’s there’s good contact between the earth and water.

Control the Temperature

This summer is associated with high temperature. So, you should be mindful of the heat. If you have an indoor-garden, then you should take plants to the coolest room in the house. Most probably this is your basement or garage.

The cool temperature will prevent your plants from dying out quickly. Although, you should make sure that you do not starve the plants of sunlight.  Caution! This works efficiently for about a week.

Look for a Garden Helper

It might be that horticulture enthusiast neighbor of yours, or a friend from your gardening club or even you can hire somebody who is skilled at gardening. Find someone who you can trust to tend to all your garden’s needs.

Before leaving, brief them on everything about your garden. But make it as simple as possible.

  • Like you can group the pots together. So, that your helper won’t have to walk, all around the garden to find them.
  • Also, you can leave the watering near the tap. This way they can be easily accessible to the helper.  Make sure the hosepipe is connected and unraveled as far as the vegetable beds.

Weed Before You leave

Weeds are known to compete with vegetable for water and nutrients.  If you weed your plant before going, you will give your vegetables the best chance possible to survive. By doing this you will avoid any nasty surprises on your arrival. Besides, nobody wants to spend their first day from vacation on weeding.

Harvest Ripe Crops

Don’t leave those lovely ripe tomatoes on the farm, when you plan to leave. That will just be a waste of the hard work you did. Pick anything that is nearly ripe or ripe already. When vegetables are ripe, they signal the plant that the season is over and it’s time to seed.

Some plants require more attention than others when they start producing. So, if you are leaving and your beans, lettuce or zucchini are in full swing. You must ask a friend to come over and harvest the crops for you.

Mulch Your Plants

Mulching helps in preserving soil moisture and preventing the growth of weeds.  You can use wood chippings, old newspaper, wood shavings, or old newspaper for mulching. Furthermore, this is the cheapest and efficient method to conserve soil moisture. In addition, you can place your plants in a path with an automated sprinkler system. As a result, they can have a continuous supply of water.

After doing all of this, don’t forget to ask God for some rain while you are away. Prayers do work sometimes.