The World Most Beautiful Waterfalls You Need To See

Most travelers choose vacation destination putting in mind which natural scenery they would find in that place. They usually seek for the lush rain forest, picturesque beaches, mountain landscapes, and waterfalls.

I have to admit; waterfalls set the best scene for some of the best photos. You see, the idea of water falling through the sky is simple, but it’s one of the things that has proved again and again to be Earth’s most captivating natural wonders.

Sometimes, the hunt for the waterfall may be accompanied by a lot of difficulties but it is worth it.  Just imagine that spectacular feeling of fresh falling mist on the face and gaze at the pure majesty of the natural world. Isn’t it worthwhile to spend a day or even a period?

For this reason, we come up with a handy list of the most wonderful waterfall around the world. As a result, you can easily choose where you can take your next adventure.

1.    Gull Foss Falls, Iceland

Gullfoss falls is located somewhere on the mighty Olfusa River rushes.  It’s one of the most iconic waterfalls, a true indication of natural beauty in Iceland. Although, it is mostly viewed from the above Gullfoss offers a dramatic sight.

Let me be more specific., it appears as though the water rushing off the cliff is simply vanishing into thin air. Iceland summer, warmer weather and breathtaking long days make for the best time to see the falls and all its magnificence.

2.    Niagara Falls, New York, and Ontario

You have probably heard of this waterfall. It’s one of the most famous waterfalls located in two countries.  How?  The mighty Niagara Falls is located in the border of US (via New York State) and Ontario, Canada. The falls are 167 feet high and it stretches for what might feel like forever.

The best time to visit this place is in-between May and September when the skies are blue and the high-water rainbow is visible. But if you want to make your trip during winter, you should expect the falls to freeze. Trust me, you should bundle up or risk freezing yourself.

3.    Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Get a chance to visit two countries, in Africa!  On the Zambezi River lays the magnificent Victoria Falls.  It is located between Zambia and Zimbabwe.  It is one of the world’s widest waterfalls, it measures more than a mile across. The noise produced by the falling water can be heard for several miles.

It is highly encouraged to visit this place during the dry season (August to January).  You can easily drive or walk to the falls. Once, you are there, make sure you swim in Devils Pool at the top of Victoria Falls for a truly unique and life-changing experience.

4.    Athirappilly Falls, India

Famously known as the “Niagara of India”.  Located in a lush green forest, Athriappilly Falls drops about 80 feet, rushing into Chalakudy River in Kerala. It also has a sister fall called Vazhachal Falls which is located three miles away.

To see the falls, you can take a fairly short hike to the entrance off the road. As you are walking you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife, including birds and monkeys.  Make sure, you book a room at Rainforest-Anthirappilly located at the base of the falls.  Don’t hesitate to enjoy dinner with your loved ones at the hotel’s on-site restaurant.

5.    Plitvice Waterfalls, Croatia

Plitvice Lake National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is home to many waterfalls and cascades that flow into a series of mesmerizing, teal-blue lakes. All thanks to social media, Plitvice went from a place where many people hadn’t heard about to one of the most sought out places in Croatia.

Exploring the colorful lake with crystal-shades of emerald and following the boardwalks through the waterfall is one experience no traveler would want to forget. These incredible waterfalls were created as a result of water flowing over the limestone and chalk for over thousands of years, and creating barriers resulting in natural dams.

So, if you have a chance to visit Croatia for its pristine beaches make sure you stop by Plitvice Waterfalls.