Why We Need Hemp Plastics

Plastic takes 500- 1,000 years to decompose and yet we are still producing them.  We are doing more damage to our ecosystem than protection. The plastic generated yearly accounts for nearly 20% of the overall waste in the world.  For this reason, there is a need for eco-friendly plastic alternatives.

I guess by now you have heard of the mind-altering twin brother of cannabis” hemp”.  Its list of potentially useful products is inexhaustible. From paper, clothing to coffins, the hemp plant has proven to be a true wonder of hidden possibilities.

Hemp plastic is becoming a  more viable option as an eco-friendly alternative to our usual plastic which is carbon-based. The plastic products made from this magical plant are recyclable and biodegradable.

 So, what the hell is hemp plastic

To be honest, the first time I heard about this product, I thought scientists are crazy.   Plastic from plants really!  But they were not kidding, it was actually made and it worked perfectly than the normal carbon-based plastic.

Hemp plastic is a natural fiber composite material that is made from hemp stalk. The material can be recycled and manufactured into 100 percent biodegradable. Hemp has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide four times faster than trees. Thus, they can help greatly in the reduction of carbon dioxide.

Additionally, hemp plastic will require 32% less energy than those fossil fuel-based products, minimizing our dependence on oil. Now you see! With hemp plastics, we can have a much greener and an eco-friendlier environment.

How Hemp Plastic Could change our planet

It is biodegradable

I know! I have already mentioned this. But did you know that hemp plastics can take around 3-6 months to decompose?

Astonishing! isn’t it?  Compared with carbon plastic, I think we are just better off with the hemp plastics.   Just imagine, a water bottle can be used once and then it takes years to decompose. If you account for the other plastic products that are only used once.  You will notice how the  plastic pollution horror is growing in the world.

Unlike conventional plastics, hemp plastics doesn’t contribute to permanent pollution.

Hemp plastic could save endangered wild animals

How does plastic harm wild animals?

Well, when plastics are exposed to sunlight, they breakdown into smaller pieces.  These smaller pieces of plastic end up being ingested by marine animals and other sea life. The more the plastic disintegrates the more it moves down the food chain.

Human and animals are not designed to consume plastics. By ingesting plastic, they are exposed to a number of detrimental health effects. That why we have to go for hemp plastics. They are non-toxic and biodegradable.  Furthermore, sustainable initiatives can be taken to recycle hemp plastics safely.

Hemp Plastic is stronger than petroleum-based products

Hemp plastics are stronger, stiffer and lighter than our common type plastics.  This makes them unique and more preferable manufacturing material.  In addition, they are safe, so they are no health risks associated with the manufacture and use of hemp plastic. Hence, they are a perfect alternative.

Future of Hemp Plastics

According to experts, hemp plastics has a bright future. As a matter of fact, there are some automotive industries that are planning to ditch the use of petroleum-based plastic products and adopt the use of hemp plastics.

Then numerous amounts of products that can be model from hemp plastics have just proved its importance in the manufacturing world.  The adoption of hemp plastics has proven to be more beneficial than that of its petroleum counterparts.