How to Get Rid of Whiteheads?

What are Whiteheads?

There are many different types of blemishes that you can get on your face. They are all generally called acne however when it comes to treatment, it is essential to know precisely what is going on with your skin. Individuals with acne are usually knowledgeable about whiteheads (milium), however they don’t know exactly what causes them or how to do away with them. The difference between this and a blackhead is that blackheads are exposed to oxygen which triggers the black appearance.
Whiteheads, also known as “closed comedones” in medical terms, form when dead skin cells and sebum block the hair follicles.
People with excess sebum production usually have this problem.  Pollution, genetic factors, oily food can trigger these whiteheads. Most of the hair follicles on your body produce sebum, so it is possible to get whiteheads on other areas of your skin besides your face. Whiteheads may appear on the shoulders, chest and back.
Whiteheads are the result of your body fighting bacteria that has started to build up in your pores. It are frequently more painful and almost always infected by bacteria. It are a form of acne that typically appears on the skin as small, round, white bumps. It are generally considered as the initial signs of Acne and Pimples . Whiteheads can be painful and nearly always lead to pimples.

How to Prevent Whiteheads?

If you are experiencing a problem with whiteheads, there are many treatment options available that could clear your skin right up. Using a deep pore cleanser can prevent whiteheads from ever forming. It could also help to gently dislodge existing spots over time. Even though the chance of scarring from a whitehead is very unlikely, you should still never attempt to remove them yourself. It will only damage your skin and cause an infection. The contents leaking onto your skin can also cause more acne to form. A doctor can remove them individually for you in his office, using sterile tool.

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