5 Most Unique Kids In The World 2019

This world is a beautiful place, filled with amazing people who are unique in various ways.  Trust me, every one of these people needs their own stories, but today we are going to focus majorly about the most unusual kids.

These kids are different from their peers and their stories are sometimes hard to believe “don’t start crying”.  Furthermore, their appearance and strength will make you admire them even more. Thanks to the charming magic they radiate, they have become famous to almost the whole world.

So, join me and let’s know these kids better.


When I first saw this girl photo on the internet, I was astonished! The kind of beauty this kid posse is unexplainable, its dreamlike.  She is referred by internet users as the snow queen, Elsa” from the animation” and sometime Siberian Deaneries.

Nature was in favor of this Albino child because it gave her porcelain skin, snow white eyelashes and violet eyes which she mostly hides behind sunglasses.

Nariyana was born in Yakutia, Siberia. She was the only one with blonde hair and the first albino from both sides of the family. Because of her stunning white hair and fair complexation, she was nicknamed the Siberian’ Snow White’.

The 8-year-old albino girl was first discovered by a photographer named Vadim Rufov. He described the girl as the most unusual person he has ever meet.   The photos of the girl are now being posted on Instagram, but the account is being managed by her mother.

Very quickly the girl was noticed by various modeling agencies from all over the world and started receiving multiple offers. However, her mother doesn’t want to distract her daughter from school, she. For now, the schoolgirl is enjoying her normal life and her childhood.

 Jared Ijalana

Jared Ijalana is a star at a young age, something that only limited people can achieve.  The photogenic 5-year-old Nigerian girl is stunning modeling platforms through her doll-like appearance with piercing eyes and irresistible hair.

The famous African model caught the limelight after getting her pictures featured in the Instagram by lifestyle photographer Mofe Baamuyiwa. She was mentioned the “Most Beautiful Girl of the World” by the People magazine and many social media users.


The Nigerian model has been Nicknamed the “African Barbie”.  What do you know! Her sisters Jomi Ijalana, 7 and Joba Ijalana, 10, also have grabbed equal love and attention.

Millianna Worthy

One unique family In South California has a distinctive feature that has been passed down on the maternal side.  Starting from the great-grandmother, all four women have tuff of white hair growing from the hairline in the front.

18-month-old daughter MiliAnna was born with the hereditary white patch at the front of her hair. This distinctive trait is known to be caused by poliossis- lack of pigment in the patch of hair and skin around it.

Briana Worthy said, she used to be bullied and called words when she was young, because of her white patch of hair. But as she was growing, she learned to love herself and appreciate how unique she was. She plans to tell her child, that her special hair makes here unique, pretty and beautiful.

Muin Bachonaev

Muin Bachonaev is an 11-year-old boy whose eyelashes are almost 2 inches long. Spectacular! Ladies will be jealous of this.  When he was born his eyelashes touched his lips and now they are approximately 1.7 inches long.

You may think he finds the lashes disturbing, but in reality, Muin Bachonaev’s is comfortable with his remarkable lashes. He said, “I live like anybody. There is no need to take special care of my lashes”.

Although the unique boy from Moscow has already entered the Russian Book of Records, because of having the longest lashes in the country. However, he has other ambitions. Bachonaev loves to play football and dreams of becoming a great player when he grows up.

Madden Humphrey’s

Don’t mistreat those who look different from us! Madden Humphreys was bullied for how he looks. He was born with a rare condition known as Heterochromia Iridium.” Let’s leave the scientific words out”, in short, he was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate, as well as different colored eyes.

He was always a happy boy and never insecure about his differences until his peers started bullying him and saying bad things to him. But life changed for him when they adopted “Moon”.  Who’s Moon? Moon is a cat that had Heterochromia Iridium, just like Humphrey’s. “The cat helped Madden feel Better about his differences”, said Christian Humphreys.

Humphreys shared a picture of Madden and Moon’s story on Facebook and more than 5000 people, reacted to it with overwhelmingly positive support. Madden and Moon have an Instagram account to document their adventures together.

It’s amazing how a pet can make someone realize how truly unique he is.  This should teach people that being different is awesome.

Now you see magic is real sometimes.

I know! Growing up being different it is somehow hard. But we should not let our difference weigh us down and prevent us from achieving what we want.